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My Story

My name is Jess, and I am the Founder and Head Coach.

I founded Pivoting Potential with the aim of helping all women who have or are experiencing burnout whilst struggling with poor self-worth and high levels of self-criticism. This mission came from personal experience, where in 2022 I suffered with extreme burnout as a result of years of pushing too hard to “prove myself”, manage my “perfectionist tendencies” and avoid the crippling low self-esteem I struggled with.

Your worth is not measured by your productivity, nor by that you deem as failure. Who you are right now, is enough.

Traditional Success…

Throughout my whole life I had been the constant over-achiever. I played sport competitively from a young age (golf was the sport of choice then, I’m now a CrossFit convert but at a much lower level!) and I did every after-school activity you could imagine.

I followed the traditional path, I worked hard, got good grades, went to university, and then after graduating got the trusted “stable job”. I went to work in the public sector and have so far spent 14 years within that industry, with over half my service as a senior leader. I rose through the ranks relatively quickly, feeling a constant need to “show my worth” and over-achieve. I progressed not only in my career but academically as well, completing a Master’s degree from the University of Cambridge whilst working full-time.

But despite achieving conventional success at a young age, this did nothing to improve my feelings of inadequacy and lack of self-acceptance. These negative emotions became the driving force in my life, which eventually led to burnout.

My Story - Jess at Pivoting Potential


Burnout and Breakdown

My burnout was not a sudden overnight issue. It developed during years of overworking whilst constantly striving for external validation that regardless of the success, was never enough to overcome how much I disliked myself.

When I finally crashed and burned, I needed multiple months off from work. My physical and mental health had taken a battering. I suffered with panic attacks, battled with depression, struggled to concentrate, and generally felt like I’d let my loved ones down. 

What I discovered was the insidious way my poor body image and self-hatred had fuelled behaviour that ultimately led to my demise. Instead of seeking out challenges for their intrinsic worth and how they aligned to my personal values and priorities, I chased after external validation from anyone and everyone. I tried to people please, and mould myself to what I thought everyone else wanted. This inevitably left me feeling hollow, worthless, and without a clear sense of who I was.


What Changed ?

From that breakdown came my breakthrough. The inner work I had put off, examining core beliefs, recognising, and healing old wounds was finally able to happen. I recognised my patterns of behaviour, how the negative voice would take hold and influence decisions and actions.

My burnout was not purely a result of overworking. It was far more complex, as most experiences of the issue are. But recognising the root of my behaviour came from a common issue – that I simply did not feel good enough in who I was or how I looked – transformed my ability to bounce back.

Understanding where my behaviour came from, how it was influenced, and what triggered it was incredibly powerful. It enabled an overhaul of my beliefs, values, and what I prioritised in life. As a result of that overhaul, I became stronger, more resilient, and able to live authentically without the need for external validation.

I recognised that a core value was “growth” and for me that meant continually learning, pushing myself outside of my comfort zone, and developing new ways to test myself. I had long feared that letting go of the harsh inner critic would result in laziness, a lack of drive and purpose, but the opposite happened. I became more productive but this time in a way that supported my wellbeing and growth. I found the key to long-term success was developing a strong sense of self-worth through self-compassion.

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