Our Process - Pivoting Potential

Why Pivoting Potential is Different

We believe that every woman deserves to feel worthy just as she is, without the need to
conform to societal ideals, and that success need not be at the expense of your wellbeing.

We take a holistic approach that centres around three core pillars.

Pillar 1: Self-Regulation

This is the practical elements of achieving your goals. In sessions we will identify what are your current habitual ways of living and working. We will examine what blockers may exist in practical terms that could be holding you back.

Pillar 2: Self-Care

In this pillar we examine how you are currently maintaining your physical and mental health. We delve into what does and doesn’t work for you, identify practices that strengthen your resilience and enable you to gain sustainable success.

Pillar 3: Self-Worth

We believe self-worth is crucial for not only sustainable success, but also long-term wellbeing and health. Our focus is on developing a stable sense of self-worth through the practice of self-compassion. We help you achieve this by identifying self-limiting beliefs, helping you develop a strong sense of self-awareness, and utilising mindfulness practices to create long-lasting change.

What makes us qualified to help you?

Our Founder and Head Coach, Jess Pearcey, is an International Coaching Federation accredited coach, qualified mindfulness teacher, with a BSc Hons in Physiology and Master’s degree from the University of Cambridge. But more importantly, has a lived experience of what you’re going through. Jess experienced the full force of burnout whilst juggling a career as a senior leader in the public sector and managed a full recovery to not only her full-time job but also as an entrepreneur. We get the challenges you face and having done the work ourselves we know we can help you as well.